Metal Engineering is a company that complements synergistically the activity of its inside design study with the production development to aim at satisfying the most varied clientele by offering many integrated services, carried out in completely autonomy.

The company works with aluminium and iron plates and focuses on the production of architectonic structures and complements, especially in constructions, both commercial and industrial.

Metal Engineering, in perfect harmony with its productive choices adopted in the past, today is able to furnish made-to-measure and semiprocessed products keeping active the assistance and assemblage services.

Using modern machinery, Metal Engineering can offer to its clientele: laser cutting, water jet cutting, punching, flattening, folding and welding, so the accepted projects could have many planning and  implementation solutions that have a high technologic content.

The close collaboration with the companies of Bizzotto’s Group (Bizzotto Vetraria, Vetrerie Bizzotto) allows the company to develop activity sections related not only to the construction of industrial buildings, thanks to the possibility of using varied materials.

All these factors make Metal Engineering an unique company, especially in the local industrial situation.

The SOA and ISO9001:2008 certifications are further quality guarantees in the management of projects and in the contact with clientele.

New headquarter

New headquarter-entrance

New headquarter-door